5G Spectrum Valuation and Pricing Masterclass

Event Duration:
Event Date:
November 1, 2021
November 3, 2021

The Communication Regulators’Association of Southern Africa (CRASA) is hosting a training on5G Spectrum Valuation and Pricing Masterclass. The Masterclass will discuss the evolution of mobile networks and technology over the recent years. Discussions will also include subject on the demand for the RF spectrum for the emerging technologies with focus on 5G mobile technologies against the spectrum price principles and objectives. The masterclass will also explore how spectrum prices are determined and how the 5G technologies and user cases impacts on such determinations. The Masterclass will further explore the implications of the deployment 5G on RF Spectrum valuation and pricing methodologies. TheMasterclass will furthermore discuss the subject on how regulators can achieve the balance between facilitating innovation and the socio-economic gains being derived from mobile communications will also ensue.

The training will take place on the 1st to 3rd November, 2021 from 09h00 am to 13h00 pm Central AfricanTime (CAT)