National Addressing and Postcode System Cost Model Development

Capacity-Building Workshop for Experts Panel
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Event Date:
October 21, 2021
October 21, 2021

On the 21st of October 2021 CRASA will host a capacity building workshop on National Addressing and Postcode System Cost Model Development. The workshop will begin at 14:30 hrs CAT and the link to this workshop will be shared exclusively to the Postal Committee Members.

One of the key projects being implemented by CRASA’s Postal Committee (in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union) is the development of a Generic Cost Model for deploying National Addressing and Postcode Systems in CRASA Member countries.

As an outcome of the workshops, the implementation team is expected to  develop an implementation roadmap that will, among other things, spell out the data-collection requirements as well as the data-collection tools to be used for gathering cost information for building the model