Call for Stakeholder Comments – Discussion Paper on Regulatory Aspects of Digital Transformation in the Postal Sector

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Digital transformation, in the context of the Postal Sector, may be described as the process by which postal and courier service operators seek to embed digital technologies across their business operations in order to drive fundamental change. Such transformation is expected to result in certain benefits such as increased efficiency, greater business agility, unlocking of new value for employees, customers, shareholders and other relevant stakeholders.

Digital transformation also alters the postal regulatory landscape and introduces several regulatory considerations that postal sector regulators need to identify, understand and address in line with their individual and collective mandates.

By publishing this discussion paper, the Communications Regulators’ Association ofSouthern Africa (CRASA) hopes to prompt a debate on how digital transformation has, and will continue to alter the postal regulatory landscape. Interested Stakeholders are hereby  invited to submit any comments, in response to the discussion questions set out in this paper by the 31st ofJuly 2023, to