Postal E-commerce and Trade Facilitation Guidelines

Edition 2023
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The SADC E-commerce Strategy is intended to transcend national borders and enable businessesand consumers to get the most out of their national markets through improving access to an increasingly large range of products and services. The Strategy is based on four key pillars as follows;

  1. an enabled E-commerce environment,
  2. E-commerce capacity development in each member state,
  3. strengthening E-commerce sub-regional and national infrastructure, and
  4. an institutionalised framework to maintain, evolve and govern the strategy.

In contribution to this regional approach and also in line with the Communications Regulators’ Association of Southern Africa’s (CRASA) mandate, of harmonising policy and regulations in the ICT and Postal spheres within SADC, the Association has developed these Regional Regulatory Guidelines that specifically aim to enhance the role of the Postal Sector in facilitating Regional Trade, especially involving Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and E-commerce. The development of these guidelines is premised on the understanding that in order for E-commerce and intra-regional trade to flourish in the SADC Region, there is need for a regulatory environment that not only facilitates the participation of the Postal Sector and other value-chain stakeholders, but also creates confidence and promotes increased uptake by consumers.

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