SADC Footnotes Relating to Radio Frequency Spectrum Allocation Plan (RFSAP)

Edition 2020
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The main purpose of theSADC footnotes is to reflect country variations from the SADC common allocations.  Most of these footnotes were brought forward from the previous Frequency Allocation Plan. In preparation of SADC RFSAP these footnotes have been verified and most could be deleted for various reasons.Some of the footnotes could however not be verified due to the relevant Members not being present during the preparations and these were therefore retained.Going forward all SADC Members should review these footnotes. Ideally, these variations should be limited since it steers away from the harmonised use of the radio frequency spectrum within the SADC Region. Member States are therefore invited to revaluate the relevance of their respective footnotes with a view to deleting country names from subsequent editions of the RFSAP.