SADC Radio Frequency Spectrum Allocation Plan (RFSAP)

Edition 2020
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SADC agreed to development of a regional Radio Frequency Spectrum Allocation Plan (RFSAP) that provides for a harmonised framework on the allocation of the radio frequency spectrum in SADC.It should be recognised on the onset that there would be some variances in the use of some of radio frequency spectrum bands in SADC countries due to, amongst others, legacies in system deployments, different timelines in the introduction of new technologies, different services and technology requirements as well as different bandwidth requirements. Nonetheless, despite the fact that it would not be possible to completely align the use of the spectrum over all frequency bands between SADC Member States, there is significant harmonisation already existing in assignments in many frequency bands. In order to achieve significant harmonization, SADC Members are urged, while respecting their sovereign rights, to implement radiocommunications services in accordance to this SADC RFSAP as far as is practically possible.